Score Sheets

The Great Expectations contest encourages all contestants to review our score sheets and choose the appropriate category for their work. 

Our contest utilizes customized score sheets. With a possibility of 100 points, two sections -- are specific for each individual category.  All of our final round editors have agreed to use the score sheet for placements. This provides genuine editorial feedback for finalists.

The GE will no longer be judging a micro-synopsis or BLURB. The finalists will be encouraged to submit an unjudged synopsis for the final editors.

FINAL VERSIONS are available for your viewing.

Contemporary Series Romance

Historical Romance

Inspirational Romance

New Adult 

Mainstream with Romantic Elements

Romantic Suspense

Single Title Romance

Specialized Romance
Our Specialized category represents: alternate earth, dystopian, fantasy, futuristic, paranormal, & time travel

Young Adult Romance

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